Internal Demo Day – How to create successful pitches?

Pitching is a crucial part of building a startup and it might seem easy at first glance, pitching is a sort of an art form. You have to compress all the critical information into 3-5 minutes in a digestible way for your audience. Medtech startups need to be extra careful, know their audience very well, their professional background, and adjust the wording of the pitch accordingly.

We held our Internal Demo Day yesterday with the aim to help our startups thriving when it comes to pitching. The participating startups did their pitches in front of Tal Catran, a renowned accelerators guru, four of our amazing mentor team, Eva, Johnny, Robert and Tamás, and the cLAB team.

We have collected the key takeaways from the Internal Demo Day:

#1: Two decks – one detailed and one for pitching

#2: Use easy to understand language – in most cases, the people listening are not scientists

#3: Market size is not interesting on its own

#4: Clear financials must be included in the pitch

#5: The perfect speed is not everything, consider things such as intonation, pace, emphasis, pauses

#6: Connect the last and first slides (strong start/stop)

#7: Be passionate and enjoy it

cLAB Ventures - November 6, 2020