Women in Oncology Programme

Promoting the visibility of female founders, researchers and professionals in oncology through hosting a series of events, panels, interviews and pitching events to support female powered innovation

To date, global female founders and entrepreneurs still encounter a number of unequal challenges in gaining growing their businesses. These involve:

  1. Difficulty gaining investment: For every £1 of VC investment in the UK, all-female founder teams get less than 1p. (Diversity VC and British Business Bank) 
  2. Hurdles in accessing funding and investors: A 2014 report by Babson College found that less than 3% of companies with venture capital funding had female CEOs (Business News Daily). Direct access to investors can be crucial in the success of an early-stage company.
    Startups that receive ‘warm introductions’ to VCs are 13x more likely to be funded by them than startups that come to their attention through ‘cold’ pitch deck submissions (Diversity VC and British Business Bank).
  3. Struggles in building a supportive network:  48% of female founders report that a lack of available advisors and mentors limits their professional growth (Business News Daily).

Where our programme comes in:

The Women in Oncology online programme aims to draw attention to these issues and highlight the success of female life-science professionals in oncology.

cLAB Ventures currently has 5 female-led startups: Tummi, CyGenica, BrachyDOSE, My Personal Therapeutics, Lybsol, as well as 2 additional startups, Oncochain and RUBYnanomed, with women in leadership positions. To add to this, almost half of our mentors are female professionals from the life science innovation and business network.

We see change, recognise potential, and are committed to supporting the growing number of women in the field of oncology. Help us amplify this further.

What you can look forward to:

We’re hosting a number of exciting events, open to participation from the general public, amplifying the voices of ambitious creators, founders, researchers, and professionals in presenting their life-changing solutions. Look out for invites to:

  • Live panels: with pharma specialists, innovators, and oncologists discussing the peaks and troughs of their careers.
  • Pitching events: with investors, pharma, the medtech, and biotech industries as well as other female founders.
  • Interviews: with influential journalists, activists, and bloggers as well as inspiring cancer-survivors who are now working on solutions to the disease.

Join us for the opportunity to: gain visibility, access a supportive network, connect with seasoned professionals and prominent guests, and ultimately encourage female-powered innovation.

Email us at sarolta@clab.ventures and watch our socials for event invites!

cLAB Ventures - February 8, 2021