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How we work with corporates

The aim of our programmes is to connect innovators with corporates and as a result, foster internal innovation.

Our corporate programme is designed for pharmaceutical companies and other corporates who support cancer research and believe that the startup culture can add value to their organisation.


The agile way of how startups work breaks the rules of big corporations.

They bring in new perspectives and methodologies when integrated properly.

When it comes to a specific innovation challenge, working with startups and intrapreneurship often prove to be a faster and more successful solution than traditional R&D projects.

The three pillars of our programme

Strategic workshop to define direction and objectives of the innovation programme. During the challenge shaping we define the scope of the whole programme and touch upon the followings:

  • Corporate programme drive
  • Level and type of integration
  • Objectives of external and internal communication
  • Knowledge sharing and best practices

Scouting for corporate programmes requires comprehensive research, based on our partner’s needs. Through our extended partner network, database, web applications and social campaigns we scout and pre-select the most promising startups.

We invite corporate delegates to our events where they can engage in conversations before the final selection.

For startups, it is important to understand their client’s motives and corporate culture. Thus, we encourage corporates to share their values with the selected innovators.

We involve decision-makers, corporate delegates and intrapreneurs who will guide the startups on how to fit into the corporate’s environment.

Corporate innovation programmes are proven to increase employee engagement, encourage intrapreneurship and it attract PR attention.

Bringing business and science skills together is a core element of the programme. The corporate gives first-hand feedback which helps startups to fine-tune their solution and validate it in a corporate environment.

To elevate the porgramme, we can involve mentors and sector specialist from our talent pool.


Whether the programme results in a pilot, a supplier agreement or
an investment, we support the whole integration process.

Become a
corporate partner

Become a first mover and increase your competitiveness by fostering a startup culture. We ensure relevant projects and smooth work-flow throughout the programme.